Community News

  • Not your average green bean

    Jerry Sutton wasn’t scaring people Monday morning as he walked around with what appeared to be a couple of long, dead snakes.

    At least on purpose, that is.

    “When I took them into Five Star (a convenience store on Broadway), people started running backwards,” he said with a chuckle.

    Once folks realized what Sutton was carrying, their fear quickly turned into awe.

    “After I told them what they was, they started gathering around asking about them and touching them,” he said.

  • Oh, deer!

    of a horror movie greeted Ann Chilton when she awoke one morning last week and ventured outside.

    Hoping to take in the sight of buzzing hummingbirds and the lush greenery, instead Chilton’s eyes spotted the carcass of a young buck right in the middle of her backyard.

    The decaying deer was stuck on some rocks in the middle of the picturesque stream that flows through Chilton’s back yard and gives the subdivision its name.

  • Sheriff’s office one of few in state to receive accreditation

    Sheriff Troy Young checked off one of the biggest items on his office’s bucket list last week when his office became just the 15th in the state to receive full accreditation from the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP).

    “In my 30 years, it’s probably one of the top accomplishments that I’ve been a part of,” Young said last week after he and Det. Sgt. Bryan Taylor returned from a ceremony in northern Kentucky where they received the award.

  • Club to cook world’s ‘largest pot of burgoo’

    Being that Lawrenceburg bills itself the “Burgoo Capital of the World,” it only stands to reason that folks from here would be in charge of cooking what is being billed as the world’s largest pot of the burgoo.

    The Anderson County Sportsman’s Club has been invited to cook the burgoo at Crave Lexington, an annual local food festival scheduled for Aug. 22-23 at Masterson Station Park in Lexington.

    The club received the invitation from Lawrenceburg resident Robbie Morgan, the festival’s director.

  • Drive-thru open at clerk’s office

    After nearly a year in its new location at the corner of Main Street and Glensboro Road, the Anderson County Clerk’s Office last week opened its drive-thru window.

    The office, which was formerly a bank building, came equipped with the necessary equipment to operate a drive-thru, and Clerk Jason Denny said it took some time to get everything up and running to use it.

    “It makes us only the second clerk’s office in Kentucky with drive-thru service,” Denny said.

  • Courts, DMV to close for renovations

    Renovations to the Anderson County Courthouse will force the closure of the Circuit and District courts, along with the driver’s license office later this month, according to a news release from Circuit Court Clerk Pam Robinson’s office.

    The offices will be closed Thursday, Aug. 27 to complete the installation of new infrastructure, the news release said.

    The offices will resume normal business hours the following day, according to a news release.

  • Free eats for a year
  • Retiring director ‘will be missed’

    When Debbie Lottes began her career assisting senior citizens 25 years ago, all she wanted to do what help them solve their problems.

    First, she had to learn how.

    “When I started I was gung-ho to make their lives better,” Lottes following a retirement party in her honor last week at the Anderson Senior Center.

    “But I had to learn that it couldn’t be my version of better, it had to be their version of better, and that’s hard to do.

  • Flute gathering celebrates diversity, heritage

    Amid smoke and fire and the rhythmic beat of a drum the Azteca dancers performed the “Singing of the Flower” or “One Flower” dance of the ancient Mexica people from Mexico City on the Lawrenceburg Green last Saturday.

    The dancers, dressed in elaborate regalia and headdresses made of long pheasant feathers that swirl with each calculated twist of the dancer’s neck, move in unison to the percussive beat of the drum as they form a circle.

  • Winners named in 2015 Home, Craft and Garden Fair

    Following are those who placed in the recent Anderson County Home, Craft and Garden Fair, held at the Anderson Extension office.

    Names are listed in order of finish.

    Antiques Department – Best of Show – Bobby Gritton

    Metal/Tin - Collection - Jane Taylor, Dixie Willing, Marvin Smith

    Paper – Collection – Jane Taylor

    Jewelry – Collection – Nancy Baker, Jane Taylor

    Wood – Individual Item – Bobby Terrell, Brenda Gritton, Jane Taylor