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  • Carolyn Case accepts plea deal

    Carolyn Case, the woman charged with tying up her 3-year-old granddaughter, recently accepted a Commonwealth of Kentucky Court of Justice offer for a plea of guilty to first-degree perjury.

    According to court documents, Case, of 1024 Terri Lane, who was sentenced to 5 years prison without probation in February for tying up her 3-year-old granddaughter, signed a plea agreement Tuesday of last week for a separate perjury charge.

  • Bus crash on U.S. 127
  • Link Gillis tops Hahn for a shot at County Clerk in November

    Laura Link Gillis collected nearly double the votes of her competitor - Lee Hahn - in the Primary Election race for Democratic candidate for County Clerk May 20.

    Link Gillis earned a chance to run against Republican incumbent Jason Denny in November with 2,402 votes.

    Hahn received 1,225 votes over the 14 precincts, including absentee walk-ins. Hahn is currently a member of the Anderson County Board of Education.

    General Election Day is Nov. 4.

  • Corrections & clarifications

    A story published in the Feb. 19 issue incorrectly stated that Andrew E. Muns was charged with first-degree robbery and burglary.

    Actually, Muns was indicted with one count of first-degree complicity robbery charge, one count of first-degree complicity burglary, two counts of complicity theft by unlawful taking of firearms and one count of complicity tampering with physical evidence.

  • 2014 Primary Election Precinct Totals
  • U.S. 127 crash
  • Accused child rapist will get second evaluation

    Rochelle Olds, who is charged with first-degree rape of a person under the age of 12, was recently ordered to receive a second evaluation to decide if she is competent enough to stand trial.

    The findings of Dr. Eric Drogin’s first evaluation of Olds, 37, of 1139 Versailles Road in Lawrenceburg, were presented at a status hearing conducted in January.

  • Naomi Hedden finds unique ways to repurpose old T-shirts

    This is the final installment of Gratitude for Growers, a series about growers, farmers and craftsmen of the Anderson County Farmers Market. The stories have celebrated farmers market vendors and allowed readers to have a greater appreciation of the local faces who produce.

    Growing up, Naomi Hedden recalls her mother, Patricia Sowles, meticulously sewing buttons on nine pairs of pajamas she made for her three youngest sons.

    “My mother crocheted until the day she died,” said Hedden.

  • State of the City declares good times now, better times ahead

    Mayor Edwinna Baker told Lawrenceburg City Council that the City’s budget was being met through April and was expected to be met for the entire fiscal year in her State of the City address Monday of last week.

    Baker’s address revisited specific budget items that had been achieved, including improvements to city parks and Lawrenceburg Green, upgrades and replacement of equipment, construction of an equalization basin for storm water and rehabilitation of the Bearcat water tank.

  • Mefford served Lawrenceburg for more than 2 decades

    Lawrenceburg City Council paused to remember Robert Paul “Bob” Mefford during its regular monthly meeting Monday of last week.

    Mefford, 83, died May 8. He had been serving as an interim Council member completing the term of Larry Giles, who had also died while in office.

    Mefford’s experience was vast. He had served on the City Council for 24 years before his most recent stint.