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  • Man helps rescue woman from fire

    Crawling on his hands and knees into the smoke, Jess Thompson of Lawrenceburg quickly noticed the unconscious woman.
    He helped to drag the woman out of her burning home last Wednesday afternoon with the assistance of a Frankfort police officer and a member of Thompson’s work crew, David Chadwell of Frankfort.
    Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton later commended Thompson and Chadwell for their bravery on the sheriff’s office Facebook page and in interviews with local media, saying he owed the two men a huge thank you for “their heroic actions.”

  • ‘Be the match’

    When friend and co-worker Laura Burke thinks about Friday’s “Be the Match” registry drive, she can’t help but think of her friend and fellow co-worker Donna Elam, a surgical scrub technician at Frankfort Regional Medical Center.
    “In my heart (the drive is) for Donna,” Laura, a nurse anesthetist who had been working with Donna for almost three years, said. “But of course, I’ve been on the bone marrow registry for 15 years. I would gladly give my blood if it meant saving someone’s life.”

  • BREAKING: Granny in child-tying case arrested on perjury charge

    Carolyn Case, the woman charged with tying up her 3-year-old granddaughter, was arrested Friday morning after being indicted for allegedly falsifying her financial status to obtain a taxpayer-provided attorney.

    The Anderson Grand Jury indicted Case Wednesday with one count of first-degree perjury, a Class D felony, according to court documents.

    Case was arrested Friday morning by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and taken to the Shelby County Detention Center.

  • Two-vehicle wreck on US 44 sends three to the hospital

    Two Lawrenceburg men and one Lawrenceburg woman received minor injuries after two vehicles collided on U.S. 44 Tuesday afternoon.
    According to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, 30-year-old Jameson Stamper of Lawrenceburg was driving a Chevy Tahoe down US 44 eastbound just past Highway 395 at about 5:15 p.m. last Tuesday afternoon.
    Stamper was in the process of pulling a white Chevy S10 pick-up using the Tahoe as a makeshift tow truck, according to police.

  • Governor’s budget plan could add $1 million in SEEK funds

    Gov. Steve Beshear’s two-year budget proposal brings uncertainty, but also hope for school districts like Anderson County requesting additional funding from the state.
    Superintendent Sheila Mitchell said the governor’s draft budget includes a significant increase for Support Education Excellence in Kentucky or SEEK funding for students and staff.

  • No raise for Anderson teachers in draft budget

    Teachers won’t see a raise in salary in the first draft version of the school district budget for next fiscal year.
    That may not matter if Gov. Steve Beshear’s two-year budget proposal — including a “mandated” 2 percent pay raise — passes the state House and Senate, Superintendent Sheila Mitchell said Friday.  

  • School district applies for $50,000 in pipeline grants

    More money for students is more money for Anderson County education, even if that additional funding comes from the controversial Bluegrass Pipeline project, according to Superintendent Sheila Mitchell.  
    Mitchell said in a phone interview last Friday morning that the district has applied for two separate $25,000 grants last week through the Bluegrass Pipeline Community Grant Program being offered by Williams and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners.

  • Look out below!
  • Chicago teenager’s death still resonates nearly 60 years later

    To stand in the front of the dilapidated remains of Bryant’s Grocery Store in Money, Miss., is more than a bit sobering when you know the history associated with the structure.
    It was at this store in 1955 that a young black boy from Chicago stepped into the middle of his own horror story, unwittingly becoming a symbol and a catalyst for the period of American history commonly referred to as the Civil Rights Era.

  • Judge Armstrong’s exit from race draws criticism

    By Todd Martin and Lisa King
    The Sentinel-News
    Longtime District Court Judge Linda Armstrong surprisingly withdrew late Tuesday as a candidate for re-election, and the process she used to declare that has come under scrutiny.
    Armstrong, who since 1998 has sat the bench in District 53 Division 1, cited health and personal reasons for deciding to withdraw her name as a candidate in the 2014 election, a decision she said she made on Sunday evening.