Local News

  • Speaking out against child abuse

     Crystal Crouch, Family Resource Center coordinator for Saffell Street Elementary and ECC, says she is passionate about combatting child abuse. So much so that she led the charge to designate April the official month of child abuse prevention in Anderson County.

  • Former students sentenced

     The former high school students charged with vandalizing athletic facilities here last year were each sentenced earlier this month in Franklin County Circuit Court, court records show.

  • ‘Thankful they are all OK’

     When Jennifer Bond regained consciousness moments after an SUV slammed into the passenger side of her mini-van last Thursday, she could hear her three children crying and screaming for help.

  • County’s health takes turn for worse

     The county’s health director is vowing to find solutions after a spike in the rate of overdose, cancer and premature deaths which, coupled with a “horrible” lack of primary care physicians, caused Anderson County’s annual health outcomes ranking to plummet to 21st in Kentucky after finishing 10th a year earlier.

  • Learning to dance, African-style

     Following a visit from Japanese students two weeks ago, Anderson County High School hosted yet another international-themed assembly last Friday.

  • Police: She wanted her husband murdered

     An Alton woman police say wanted her husband murdered and the man they suspect of shooting him remain behind bars after pleading not guilty Monday morning in Anderson District Court.

  • ‘The real winner was Erica’

     Trophies and bragging rights aside, when Saturday’s Law Enforcement Shootout for Erica was over, everyone agreed on who really won.

  • Japanese students visit high school

     From Kirin’s ownership of Four Roses to YKK, Anderson County is tethered to Japan in more ways than one. Beyond business, however, rarely does Lawrenceburg’s cultural sphere intersect with the Land of the Rising Sun. 

  • Teen guilty of reckless homicide

    The teenager who police say was driving drunk when Sydney Peffer, 17, was killed nearly two years ago pleaded guilty Monday afternoon to reckless homicide.

    Brianna Watson, who was 17 at the time of the wreck, showed no emotion when she entered the guilty plea that prosecutors hope will land her behind bars for a maximum sentence of five years.

    Following the hearing in Anderson Circuit Court, Peffer’s aunt, Christy Wise, said the guilty plea provides her family with some sense of closure.

  • Police: Alton woman wanted her husband murdered

    An Alton woman police say wanted her husband murdered and the man they suspect of shooting him are both behind bars.

    Amanda Renea Rogers, 36, of 1140 Alton Road, Lot 24, is charged with solicitation of murder for allegedly conspiring with Jason Patrick Downs, 28, of 214 East Court St., Lawrenceburg to have her husband, Christopher Rogers, killed.