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  • Back to school: Seniors share hopes, fears of life after school

    High school senior Cameron Hutchens’ future is stenciled on his car’s rear windshield.  
    It’s a decal of the Marine Corps insignia that Hutchens designed himself, a symbol of the military branch he’ll be enlisting with after graduation.   
    Hutchens, who has been member of a paramilitary group called Young Marines since age 12, did his homework.
    Hutchens knows he can use 40 percent of his post 9/11 GI Bill toward schooling. He knows he’ll be shipped off for basic training for 13 weeks starting June 10, 2013.

  • FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Franklin, Conner expected to wrest regional title from Bearcats

    The endings were so different. The feelings were at the opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.

    Back on Oct. 14, Anderson County football players walked off the home field after taking a 56-24 beating from District 6 foe Franklin County. To make matters worse, it was Anderson's Senior Night and there was a danger the mental beating might have been worse than the one that saw several Bearcats head to the bench and not return.

  • FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Replacing greatness

    The Band of Brothers will be calling on the replacements when the high school football season opens Friday night.

    And in some cases, they will be calling on the replacements of the replacements.

  • Apologies to the Class of 2013

    Dear Anderson County high school seniors, Class of 2013:
    I apologize in advance.
    Many of you won’t read this column, because according to some of your elders, you’ve never seen a newspaper.
    For those who decided to engage in the archaic ritual of reading the weekly newspaper, I’d like to extend an apology on behalf of others who believe today’s youth don’t know how to string a sentence together unless it includes text speak like “LOL” or “OMG.”  

  • Who among you will raise a hand in public?

    A private show of hands, please, from those who think that the state Transportation Cabinet’s efforts to use political candidate Kent Stevens to deliver “contingency” road paving funds to Anderson County was not politically motivated in any way. (See story, A1.)
    C’mon, no one’s looking. Even you lifelong Democrats who can’t stand Republicans — especially Republicans like Kim King — can raise your hands.

  • Pickin’ Pot
  • Coach prays scoreboard woes don’t hurt team

    What if the defending state runner-up played a football game and there was no way for anyone to know the score?
    Or, even more importantly, what if players and coaches did not know how much time was left?
    Anderson County High School is hoping it is a moot point when the Bearcats host Bryan Station in the season opener on Friday night, but those involved with the program might even be asking for divine help when the ball is teed up.
    “I will be praying that it is working,” Anderson coach Mark Peach said. He was not joking.

  • Middle school Mustangs strut their stuff

    Scenes from Anderson County Middle School's 39-0 win over Henry County to open the football season Saturday in the inaugural Seth Carnahan Memorial Bowl.

  • King: Gov. trying to ‘buy votes’ for Stevens

    An effort by state representative candidate Kent Stevens to deliver state road funds to Anderson County touched off a political firestorm last week, including allegations by his opponent, state Rep. Kim King, that Gov. Steve Beshear is “funneling slush funds” into Stevens’ campaign to “buy votes.”
    It also resulted in a biting exchange between Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway and King over her efforts to help Anderson County.

  • COLUMN: Old-school on and off the field

    It is only fitting that those two sure signs of late August are both on the calendar for this weekend.

    The high school football season officially opens Friday. Two nights later, the Oak Ridge Boys will be Oom Boppa Mow Mowing at the Kentucky State Fair.