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  • Lady Cats look to repeat as regional champs

    Anderson County softball will see if it is really true that tradition never graduates.

    A year after going 31-15 and advancing deep into the state tournament, where the Lady Bearcats came within a whisker of the final four, Anderson has new starters in three of the four infield positions, and because of shuffling the lineup, in two of the three outfield spots.

    Yet, Lady Cat coach Brian Glass is confident.

  • Letters to the Editor - 03.25

    Columnist should stick to stats, photos

    To the editor:

    The following is a letter to Linda Graves, the News-Democrat columnist in Carrollton who criticized some fans of the Lady Bearcats for their behavior during a recent basketball game.

    Dear Mrs. Graves:

  • COLUMN: Snail mail

    Columnist Janie Bowen shares a true tale of snail mail. It took seven years for Hulan Ashby, a subject of one of Sports Editor John Herndon's stories in 2002, to receive some photos Herndon mailed back to him the week after the story ran.

    For the full story, see this week's edition of The Anderson News available on newsstands across the county.

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  • Hanging out with Billy Clyde, for now

    My years of scribbling notes and asking pesky questions have landed me in front of some fairly interesting and noteworthy folks over the years.

    The pinnacle was probably the time I spent about 10 minutes one-on-one with W’s dad, the first president Bush, following a speech he gave during the Clinton years.

  • COLUMN: Find your lobster, don't look like one

    One of my favorite episodes of “Friends” is “The One with the Prom Video” (Season 2, Episode 14). It’s during this episode that Phoebe reveals her lobster theory.

    Though Rachel tells Ross they’ll never be together, Phoebe tells him not to fret because it’s going to happen. When Ross asks how she knows that, Phoebe simply responds, “Because she’s your lobster.”

    Phoebe goes on to say it’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life.

  • OPINION: Gillispie a great coach, tragic figure

    With all of the media coverage of Billy Gillispie's ouster as basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, it is easy to forget the human side of this story.

    During his two years at UK, my dealings with Gillispie were very minimal. I attended handful of press conferences and in what is now a bit of a local joke, sat next to him on press row for a while at the Sweet 16 last week.

  • Bearcat baseball canceled

    Posted Saturday, March 28, 12:40 p.m.

    Anderson County's baseball triple-header was canceled due to weather conditions. Anderson was to play Henry County, followed by Henry vs. Campbellsville. Anderson was to play Campbellsville in the final game of the day.

    The Bearcats' game with Garrard County on Friday night was also canceled.

    Anderson has lost five games to the weather since Thursday, but Coach L.W. Barnes is unsure if any beside a district seeding game with Eminence, which had been scheduled as the second game of a double-header Thursday, will be made up.

  • Horses survive double rollover on parkway

    Two horses walked away with only minor injuries after the trailer in which they were riding flipped over twice last Thursday on the Bluegrass Parkway.


    The horses apparently began moving around in the trailer as it was being towed by a pickup truck, causing the truck to fishtail and the trailer to come unhitched.


    Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes said the trailer went into the median where it rolled over twice before coming to rest.


  • Making a case for saving honeybees

    I have a sign on my refrigerator that reads “Save the Earth! It’s the only planet with chocolate!” I’m thinking of adding another that reads “Like ice cream? Save the bees!”

    Here’s the buzz. Bees are disappearing in large numbers all over the world. Since bees are responsible for one third of the food we eat, this is a problem we need to solve.

    Bees touch our lives every day, even if we don’t realize it.

  • Cats, crowd make community proud

    I can’t think of any time when I have been more proud of my hometown that I was Thursday night.

    But, of course, that is just how it is around Anderson County when it comes to high school sports.