• Let’s talk turkey: Follow food safety guidelines with your big bird

    Turkeys must be kept at a safe temperature during the “big thaw. When frozen, a turkey is safe indefinitely. To ensure that food-borne illness isn’t a guest at your holiday table, follow these tips from USDA when buying and preparing your turkey.

    When buying a turkey, allow one pound per person. If you buy a fresh turkey, check the “sell by” or “use by” date to make sure that it really is fresh, and buy it only one or two days before you cook it.

  • Gathering what you need for winter?

    Holy moly! Where did this month go?

    I can only hope that the next few months speed by just as fast. This Saturday should be an interesting night. Halloween falls on a full moon. There should be plenty of light for tricky treating.

    This full moon is commonly called the Full Hunter’s Moon. Not only are there less leaves on the trees, the fields have been cut and plump critters of all sizes can be easily seen. This full moon was especially celebrated by Native Americans because there was the threat of winter looming coupled with an abundance of food.

  • Don’t let holiday expenses stress you out

    Holidays are coming. Halloween is the third most expensive holiday, after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It’s the start of the holiday expenses even though it doesn’t involve large gifts or family events. The costs of costumes, candy and decorations can require big spending.

    Avoid financial problems by planning for holiday expenses throughout the year and develop new, lower-cost traditions.

  • Unmasking colorful fall leaves

    All summer they’ve remained hidden beneath a green cloak. But as fall continues, the parade of brilliant tree leaf colors will slowly put on a spectacular show across Kentucky.

  • Humane society may have your forever friend

    By Jane Sinnett

    Anderson Humane Society

    This is the story of two young adult cats, Pickles, an orange-and-white, and her sister, Pewee, an orange tabby.

    Their days were full and happy with their humans. They lay in the sun, ignored the neighborhood dogs, and slapped lazily at the butterflies as they hovered above them. Life was good.

    Then everything changed. They were bewildered and couldn’t understand when their owners took them to the adoption center.

  • Fall is making its presence known

    If you haven’t caught a sunrise lately, I sure hope you’ve seen some of our gorgeous sunsets! It’s like watching the final act of a beautiful play. Here on the farm, I have an exceptional view from which to watch the sun go down over the horizon. As fall makes its presence known, the view changes, and so does the time.

  • Farmers wonder how low calf prices will go

    Cattle producers have benefitted from high calf and feeder prices in the not too distant past.

    More recently, however, cattle markets appear to be weakening, and farmers are wondering just how low the prices could go.

    I don’t think many cattlemen and women are surprised that the cattle market has softened. But I do think that many have been surprised at how quickly things have changed and how much lower prices have gone.

    Calf markets usually reach seasonal lows in October or November.

  • Versatile spinach is easy to prepare

    Spinach has been a versatile and commonly used vegetable in the United States since the early 1800’s.  It’s easy to prepare and it tastes good raw or cooked.  It can be easily incorporated in many dishes including spaghetti sauce, salads and casseroles.  It’s easy to serve raw in salads, sandwiches or slaw.

  • End the waiting ­game, investigate county jails

    From the Lexington Herald-Leader

    People who think what happens in county jails is someone else’s problem should think carefully about what happened to a teenage boy, arrested for a traffic violation, in the Grant County Jail in 2003.

  • The homeless need aid, short and long term

    From The Kentucky Standard

    Sometimes people just need a helping hand — if only for one night. That’s the focus of the Bardstown-Nelson County Ministerial Association’s transient aid program. The program is designed to help people who are passing through our area with food, fuel or lodging for the night, or all three. But the program has currently run out of funds and there is no organization to help these individuals.