• Dinner with Chrismans, Goodletts a privilege

    Column as I see ’em …

    A guy whose opinion I covet more than most once told me that being a journalist comes with a remarkable amount of responsibility intertwined with incredible privilege.

    The privilege portion was on full display Saturday night when I had the chance to enjoy the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce’s annual Christmas gala dinner with two very special families.

  • Sending Florida pennies for its thoughts

    Column as I see ’em ...

    If it weren’t enough that I returned home from Florida a few weeks ago worried sick about my dad, a couple of days later I got a letter from the Florida Department of Transportation telling me I had to pay a $3.28 fine for not paying a highway toll.

  • Poor turnout tells politicians we don’t care

    I don’t think very many of us saw this one coming.

    Privately, I had told a very few close friends that I thought Matt Bevin was going to be the next governor of Kentucky, but that we might not know until the early hours of Nov. 4, the day after we had the opportunity to go to the polls.

    A statewide margin of less than 10,000 votes either way would not have been a surprise and the lingering question would have been the effect of a third-party candidate.

  • Hoping to see Matt ride at least one more time

    I gingerly held my dad’s hand as he laid in a hospital bed watching Marshal Matt Dillon tear across the TV screen aboard his trusty horse.

    His body weakened by cancer and a calamity of other illnesses ranging from pneumonia to staph infections, watching episodes of the old TV show “Gunsmoke” seemed to give my dad something else to consider rather than what has become of the rugged body that had not once betrayed him until just after he turned 75.

  • Police lives apparently don’t matter after all

    Column as I see ’em …

    Deputy Loren Wells won’t quit.

    Neither will troopers Matt Rogers, Brian Smith, Luke Vanhoose, Jeff Gabby or Jack Gabriel.

    But I would.

    After someone fired magazine after magazine at me from an AK-47 and other firearms, I’d turn in my police gear and go home.

  • Butt chewing made time away better

    Column as I see ’em …

    First a little housekeeping, then some opinion.

    I had a person berate me on Facebook for the paper being a little lackluster over the past couple of weeks.

    That was her opinion, at least.

    I can take it as well as I dish it out, but figure if she feels that way, others will, too.

  • Enough is enough on Graefenburg Road

    Enough already!

    If you live on or travel Graefenburg Road with any sort of regularity, you know exactly what I am talking about.

    Enough of the ridiculous situation that finds what seems to be a new tractor-trailer accident on the road north of Alton, also known as Highway 151, every few weeks. Or sooner.

  • Time for trains to get out of town

    Column as I see ’em …

    Trains, specifically ones that travel through Lawrenceburg, are a pain right in the butt.

    It never seems to fail. You’re in a hurry to somewhere and, sure enough, a stopped or nearly stopped train is blocking each the city’s main thoroughfares.

    We’ve all been through it. You’re running late and a train is blocking Court Street, Woodford Street and Main Street all at the same time and, if you’re really unfortunate, the crossing on Bond Lillard, too.

  • We’re doing just fine, thank you

    Column as I see ’em …

    Being that those reading this newspaper are the ones paying the bills around here, I figured the onset of National Newspaper Week (Oct. 4-10) is the perfect time to give you a state of your newspaper address of sorts.

    Unlike politicians who spin a lot of misery into fool’s gold, I’ll simply stick to the facts and get to it.

  • Lack of respect coming from the top

    This column puts me at risk of fulfilling my 15-year-old’s belief that I’m just a crotchety, middle-aged guy who doesn’t understand today’s youth.

    Too bad.

    Over the past several months I’ve produced a rash of news articles about young people shooting off their filthy mouths at police officers, judges and court officials, the latest on A1 of this week’s paper.