• Letters to the Editor

    Congressman ‘is really one of us’

    To the editor:

    Congressman Andy Barr continues to impress. Not only is he one of the nicest fellows you’d ever want to meet, but he’s been working very hard both in Washington and here at home.

    I’ve seen him at event after event, always making time to listen to the folks. He was even along the route of the St

    Patrick’s Day Parade in Lexington! Andy is really one of us.

  • Join in for National Day of Prayer

    To the editor:

    I was born in 1961. I just turned 55 last week. Twenty-six years ago, God placed a huge conviction in my heart that as a community in the United States of America, we Anderson County Christian citizens need to come together in one accord and pray to our creator.

    Every year when it is once again the first Thursday in May, the date set on our national calendar to pray as a nation for our great nation, and the day in which I set out to write a letter to the community to encourage our Christians in Anderson County to pray.

  • Letters to the Editor

    Auxiliary honors military children

    To the editor:

    The American Legion Auxiliary Anderson Unit 34 and Kentucky National Guard held the Military Child Appreciation Day April 16 at Post 34 in Lawrenceburg.

    A helicopter sat down on the Legion grounds for everyone to view the inside.

    Most activities were set up outside because of the beautiful weather. Each child received a backpack as they entered the gates and proceeded to each table to take the items they liked.

  • Letters to the Editor

    To the editor:

    A huge thank you to all those in our local government responsible for providing us with our recycling program.

    We finally have a program that should have been in this county long before now. It is a wonderful service and hopefully, our citizens will all participate.

    Ann Baker


  • Project Graduation seeks donations

    To the editor:
    First and foremost, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each business, individual or group that has eagerly contributed to the 2016 Project Graduation event.
    If you have contributed in the past and have not been contacted this year for a contribution, we apologize and would like to take this opportunity to appeal to our community to help with the costs associated with this event. Project Graduation is funded entirely by donations and is coordinated by a group of parents of the 2016 graduating class.

  • Letters to the editor

    To the editor:
    Voters across the Bluegrass state will vote in our first Republican caucus March 5, which will select delegates to go on to the National Republican Convention in July.
    Our votes now count more than ever since we are casting them along with other early states.
    It is imperative that we choose the best and brightest candidate who will lead us into a safe and prosperous future and away from the precipice of disaster where our country now stands.

  • City should talk to train crews

    To the editor:
    As a native of Lawrenceburg, and a locomotive engineer, I’d like to offer another perspective regarding the blocked railroad crossing problem.
    First and foremost, no train crew ever wants to unnecessarily block a crossing. They’re doing their job; please don’t ever blame the crew.

  • From peaceful trail to time bomb

    To the editor:
    I am writing in regards to Highway 151, Graefenburg Road, here in Anderson County.
    My family and I have been traveling this road daily since 1983 and have watched it transform itself from a peaceful secondary rural road, into one of Kentucky’s most infamous highways of destruction.  
    The facts speak for themselves.
    Please allow me to share some historical facts concerning Highway 151 that many are not aware of.

  • Hoping Auditor Harmon will untangle Beshear-Stumbo mess

    To the editor:
    Thankfully we already have our new state Auditor, Mike Harmon, making our unfunded pensions a top priority as we start to dig ourselves out of the mess left by Beshear and Stumbo.
    Of course, Stumbo will be around a little longer, until Kentucky closes the deal by electing a Republican majority, allowing us to enter the 21st century.

  • Democrats aren’t Kentucky’s future

    To the editor:

    As we enjoyed our Christmas with above average temperatures, all the folks I came into contact with remarked how happy they were with the warm weather, particularly after the past two brutally cold winters.

    I then thought maybe this global warming nonsense might be true.

    Wouldn’t it be great to grow food later in the year and feed the hungry?

    But alas, like every other liberal Democrat promise, it was short-lived.