• ‘I have the right to believe, and practice what I believe’

    To the editor:

    I Since June 26, much attention has been brought to the county clerk’s offices in Kentucky, as well as other states, regarding the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

    In a column published in today’s paper, I, as your county clerk, address the duties of the job with regard to issuing a marriage license. I gave a brief explanation of the process and the reasons behind it.

  • ‘Athletic tax’ is ‘shameful’

    To the editor:

    I would like to express my opinion about the new athletic tax that will now be charged to students that choose to play sports.

    First of all, I am 100 percent against any new tax on working people; we already bleed enough.

    Secondly, since playing a sport is a choice, any student and their family makes, why should the fact that a student gets free or reduced lunches have any bearing on whether they have to pay or not pay?

  • Confederate, Union monuments should be honored

    To the editor:

    I was raised in Fayette and Woodford counties. Most courthouse lawns and courthouse squares have Confederate or Union monuments.

    Confederates were mainly men from all around Kentucky, mostly farmers and not slave owners.

    Less than 10 percent in the Bluegrass owned slaves and were wealthy planters. There we black Confederates as well that served, and in all fairness we need to honor these beautiful monuments all around the commonwealth, Confederate and Union.

  • Government can’t regulate thoughts, opinions

    To the editor:

    My apologies Mr. Carlson, if I have misinterpreted your statement (July 15th edition) regarding the black man’s “perspective,” but one needn’t be black to be offended by slavery or by a symbol representing the defense of the right of a people to choose to legalize slavery.

    I am not a history expert, but I do know that Kentucky was, of course, a border state in the Civil War, thus giving us ties with both heritages.

  • Goodlett family says thank you

    To the editor:

    The family of the late Kenny Goodlett sincerely thanks all family and friends for their support, prayers, flowers, visits, cards, donations, food and phone calls after his recent passing.

    During the days of his illness and weeks following his passing, we have been truly blessed with such an outpouring of love and support.

  • Vietnam vet story was ‘wonderful’

    To the editor:

    Staff writer Ricki Barker did the most wonderful job on the story headlined “Vets have lifelong bond,” about the Vietnam War buddies who reunited after 44 years.

    Great job, Ricki! Thanks for making it a proud time, not the terrible time it was.

    Terry Covington Sr.


  • Media should stop naming, showing killers

    To the editor:

    Evil debuted in the Garden of Evil. Since its famous debut, it has filled history books with infamous dates and egregious crimes like the recent church shooting in South Carolina, which also launched subsequent attacks on the wrong fronts.

  • Court correct on same-sex marriage

    To the editor:

    I read with interest Editor Ben Carlson’s column on the Supreme Court decision to allow gays to marry legally in last week’s paper.

    You have a libertarian, unusual opinion that the government should not be involved in the union of any two people — in other words, anyone should be able to marry anyone else without the benefit of a marriage license, or a legal permission slip, as you called it.

  • More self-government needed

    To the editor:

    In his column last week, Editor Ben Carlson stated his opinion concerning the recent Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage.

    I respect Ben’s opinion. I only want to state my opinion about that decision. It seemed to me that the court affirmed equality between us all. I agree with the decision, and I believe we need self-government.

    Jeffrey Johns


  • Good stewards of your tax dollars

    To the editor:

    In a world where it seems every day we see wasteful government spending, I am happy to report at least one of your tax districts here in Anderson County is doing its best to be good stewards of your tax dollars.  

    In full disclosure, I am on the Fire Board of the Anderson County Fire Protection District, although I am writing this letter as a fellow taxpayer.