• Hoping Auditor Harmon will untangle Beshear-Stumbo mess

    To the editor:
    Thankfully we already have our new state Auditor, Mike Harmon, making our unfunded pensions a top priority as we start to dig ourselves out of the mess left by Beshear and Stumbo.
    Of course, Stumbo will be around a little longer, until Kentucky closes the deal by electing a Republican majority, allowing us to enter the 21st century.

  • Democrats aren’t Kentucky’s future

    To the editor:

    As we enjoyed our Christmas with above average temperatures, all the folks I came into contact with remarked how happy they were with the warm weather, particularly after the past two brutally cold winters.

    I then thought maybe this global warming nonsense might be true.

    Wouldn’t it be great to grow food later in the year and feed the hungry?

    But alas, like every other liberal Democrat promise, it was short-lived.

  • Juror speaks out on Nutgrass verdict

    To the editor:

    The letter said to report for jury duty. I can do this, I told myself. I’m honest and would do my best to be fair. Little did I ever dream I would be in court until 10 p.m.

    Interesting? One of the jurors whispered to me, “This is so boring. I wish they would talk about something else.” Fat chance of that happening, I thought.

    To be real frank, it is the worst job I’ve ever had. Next time I have jury duty, I’ll relocate to Canada.

  • YKK thankful for response

    To the editor:

    During the holiday season we often reflect on everything that we have to be thankful for. I want to publicly thank all the Anderson County residents who donated to our food and toy drive for Open Hands Food Pantry.

    The response from our community was overwhelming! I would also like to thank Walmart and their employees for allowing us to park our large box truck and solicit donations.

    In addition, Walmart was also generous enough to donate numerous items as well.

  • Churches going extra mile for Red Cross

    To the editor:

    This past Saturday, the American Red Cross held a class on operating a disaster shelter at St. Lawrence Catholic Church.

    We had over 20 volunteer workers, all now members of the Red Cross.

    The volunteers were from St. Lawrence and Ninevah Christian Church, both of which are shelter sites. We also had 13 people who were from Sand Spring Baptist Church, who came because of miscommunication. Their class will be after Christmas, and I have to apologize for the mistake.

  • Kids will thank you someday for registering Republican

    To the editor:

    With the sad reality that global terrorism has become the priority issue, what is now the goal of our elected Democrats? They want to bow down to socialists around the world who enrich themselves with the global warming scam.

    Here in Kentucky, there’s only so much we can do about the global stage, but we can move our state toward a more common sense approach.

  • Christensen worked to restore old Glensboro schoolhouse


    To the editor:

    I have wondered what will become of Glensboro School. I am a friend of Marcella Rose Christensen and Mike Christensen, the widow and brother of Wade Christensen and neighbors of mine in Anderson County. This is from the obituary Marcie wrote when Wade died in June 2003:

  • Running back deserved better

    To the editor:

    Covington Catholic just witnessed the fastest player on the field. They were probably asking themselves how our coaching staff could have left this talent on the shelf for pretty much an entire playoff game.

    After Bearcat fans stopped cheering for team captain and senior running back Ryan Martin, who took another busted off-tackle play call from coach Peach and scorched it to the corner of the end zone for the final touchdown of his high school career, all you could hear in the stadium were crickets, yep, crickets.

  • Stringtown Ruritan’s gift will aid local grads for years

    Recently the Anderson County Scholarship Fund received a contribution from The Stringtown Ruritan Club for $201,166.54.

    According to club president Donald Bottoms, the Stringtown Ruritan Club had voted, several years ago, to contribute all of its assets to the Anderson County Scholarship Fund when the club disbanded. This contribution was made pursuant to that decision.

    To the members, past members, and families of members and former members of the Stringtown Ruritan Club, please accept my appreciation for this generous contribution.

  • Trump would be terrific as president

    To the editor:

    Donald Trump was correct when he refuted Jeb Bush’s retort that his brother, George W. Bush, “kept us safe.” The Twin Towers fell during the Bush administration, and he and Congress let Osama Bin Laden lure them into a bad, bad deal.