• Thanks for ‘Toys for Tots’ donations

    To the editor:
    We wish to extend our gratitude and special thanks to all the generous people of Lawrenceburg, for all the money and toys that you gave to the “Toys for Tots” program.
    Without your generous donations many children would have a happy Christmas this year.
    A special thanks to Walmart and Dollar General for allowing us to set up and collect the toys and money. A special thanks to Farmers Bank, Town and County Bank and Trust Co., and Smith’s Grocery for allowing us to put donation containers in their businesses.

  • Politicians aren’t concerned about passing along debt to posterity

    To the editor:
    Politicians in Congress and in the White House often lament, “We’re passing our debt along to our children and grandchildren” or “the full faith and credit of the United States must not be put at risk.” The frequency of their lamentations has reduced the two quotations to meaningless sounds that only convey their hypocrisy.

  • Thanks for ‘Days’ story

    To the editor:
    I just want to thank Meaghan Downs for doing this great human interest story.  
    Having been around these ladies during good life events and sad life events,  
    I am always impressed and inspired by their strength and spirit.
    I also would like to publicly thank Elizabeth Roberts for the photos and personalizing the message on each one. She is a talented young actor and an even better person. Learn more at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0731068/

  • Reader lived civil rights history described in Black History columns

    To the editor:
    A great big thanks to guest columnist Rick Shannon for well-written articles in commemoration of Black History Month.
    To some it was perhaps informative, and to others they were reminders of an unpleasant past. As a native southern Mississippian, I fit in the latter, because I remember where I was when each of the incidents occurred.
    Your first article dealt with the death of Emmett Till. As an 11-year-old, I remember the expression on my parents’ face as the news of Emmett’s death made its way throughout the community.

  • Air Force cadet says Memorial Day true priority, despite board vote

    To the editor:
    Although I no longer reside in Lawrenceburg, I still maintain a strong connection with the events that transpire within the town where I was born and raised. Lawrenceburg is where I got my start, where my family still lives and it’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the support of that beautiful piece of small town USA just off the Bypass.

  • Politicians happy with ‘gravy trains’

    To the editor:
    Over half the politicians on Capitol Hill are millionaires. The majority of them were not millionaires when they were elected to Congress. As they got richer, citizens got poorer. That simple inverse relationship reveals the only real threat to America and our way of life.

  • Letters to editor ensure healthier democracy, freedom of speech

    To the editor:
    It has been a while since I have sent in a letter to the editor and I believe it has also been some time since Joan Burke has written as well.
    From the size of her letter in Monday’s edition, I guess she has had a lot stored up and I agree with her on the fact that we all have different viewpoints when it comes to certain matters and that does make for a healthy democracy in our republic.

  • Proposed Bluegrass Pipeline pitting neighbors against each other

    To the editor:
    The [proposed] Bluegrass Pipeline has nothing to do with energy independence. The pipeline is not about heating homes with natural gas. It is about the leftover byproducts of natural gas that can be shipped elsewhere at ports in the Gulf to produce plastics overseas. It only benefits [owners] Williams Company and Boardwalk.
    The pipeline is damaging our community even though construction hasn’t begun. Neighbors don’t want to tell neighbors what to do with their land, but no one wants a hazardous pipeline in his or her neighborhood.

  • Schools need additional funding

    To the editor:
    Anderson County’s Helping Hands—Heart of Community wants to raise awareness concerning a critical issue facing the state’s General Assembly.  Our community needs new school funds to match the higher expectations for our educators and students.. Without new funds, our schools will be at a disadvantage in providing children with the quality education they need and deserve.

  • State employees need pay increase

    Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Gov. Steve Beshear and others, and is reprinted here at the request of the authors.

    To the editor:
    While we are fully aware of our budget imbalance even with some current income exceeding forecasts, including current expenditures that are creating a shortfall in our current biennial budget, we must remind each of you of the plight of our state employees.
    We must remind each of you there has been no state employee salary increases since 2009.