• After kicking God out of schools, don’t blame him for not being there

    To the editor:
    After laughing at the recent letter from the atheist who is backing gun control, I discovered that some did stay in there long enough to read the article. I would not have because it was nonsense and lost my interest as being total babble from someone who was trying to impress all of us with his huge verbiage and rhetoric.
    I am only responding because it did bother a friend of mine. I took it as nothing more than science fiction.

  • Hoping atheist Riley will one day be ‘brother in Christ’

    To the editor:
    This in regard to Yossarian Riley, the atheist who wrote a letter to the editor in last week’s paper.
    The atheist has written long-winded retorts expressing himself with engaging words, that are strongly opinionated, and in total opposition of a true and living God.

  • Act now to save rainforests

    To the editor:
    I want to save rainforests. We need rainforests because the plants of the rainforests generate much of the earth’s oxygen.
    One easy way to save the rainforests is to buy foods that are grown in a sustainable way, like bananas or coffee.
    I hope I now have convinced the citizens of Anderson County to save the rainforests.
    Morgan Reynolds, a concerned child

  • Bugged over historic district, guns and speeders

    To the editor:
    There are currently three bees in my bonnet.
    First there is the proposed historic district. We have a committee that wants to implement what it thinks is best for the community. Never mind that the properties in question are owned by individuals who paid for those properties, carry insurance and pay taxes on them.
    Yet this committee wants to control and restrict the appearance of these private properties (homes and businesses).

  • ‘Gun sense’ needs more than ‘fundagelicals,’ ‘insurrectionists’

    To the editor:
    In his book “Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of global Power,” Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor for President John F. Kennedy, writes: “In its very early phases, political awakening tends to be most impatient and prone to violence. Its passion is fueled by a deep sense of historically aggrieved self-righteousness. In addition, early political awakening is characterized by a focus on national, ethnic, and religious identity … ”

  • Police chasing hogs brings back memories

    To the editor:
    After reading the story about the pigs and law enforcement encounter, I had memories of work experiences that take the cake.
    While working as an EMT in Anderson County in the 1980s, I was asked by a little old lady to get her robe. It was upstairs in a back room in a box in a stuffed closet. She was saving it to wear to the hospital when needed. She wouldn’t get on the stretcher until she had her robe.
    I complied with her wishes — good thing it wasn’t a true emergency.

  • Where do you stand, sheriff?

    To the editor:
    Dear Sheriff Troy Young,
    As the chief law enforcement officer of Anderson County, you were required to take an oath upon entering office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
    Having taken that oath, I would like to know, along with many other Anderson County residents, if you will honor your oath by refusing to enforce federal rules, regulations and directives that violate the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights.

  • Christmas meal a success

    To the editor:
    We would like to thank everyone who prepared and donated food, their time and prayers to make Christmas Day at Open Hands Pantry a huge success and blessing.
    It is because of Walmart’s donations, Kroger and all the churches and people who were involved — too many to mention for the fear of leaving someone out we were able to feed 440 meals on that day.
    If you have never been involved in this ministry on Christmas Day we suggest you take time out give it a try; we guarantee you will leave there blessed or maybe a different person.

  • Obama, others set bad example

    To the editor:
    The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School brought out the usual hypocrisy on Capitol Hill and in the White House.
    Politicians pointed fingers at everybody and everything but the contribution their bad examples make to such tragedies.
    During their so-called “fiscal cliff” showdown, the juvenile conduct displayed by President Obama, other Democrats and the Republicans was not over a solution. Their childlike haggle was over a tiny fraction of the needed solution.

  • Columns, NRA don’t promote ‘rational, intelligent discussion’

    To the editor:
    After reading the columns of Ben Carlson, Jess Thompson, John Herndon in The Anderson News and watching the “meaningful contribution” press conference by the NRA, and the follow up appearances by the NRA’s LaPierre and Keene on the Sunday morning political shows, I’ve come to the sad realization that there will never be a rational or intelligent discussion on guns or the gun culture of America.
    How pathetic.
    Dennis Schraub