• Sports editor’s efforts appreciated

    To the editor:
    Just a quick note of appreciation for the dedication and support that John Herndon has provided to the Anderson County High School volleyball program this season.
    His coverage of our team along with the other sporting events in our community is simply outstanding.
    I have received many favorable comments about the volleyball coverage in The Anderson News from our team parents and fans.
    Plus, John has made many efforts to personally attend our home games.

  • Thank goodness for ‘good old boys’

    To the editor:
    The following is in response to last week’s article on A1 titled “King: Gov. trying to ‘buy votes’ for Stevens.”
    If we have the “good old boys” here in Anderson County and the surrounding area, then let me be the first to say I’m proud and thankful of it.
    I used to watch the good old boys on TV. The Dukes of Hazard’s Bo and Luke were always being falsely accused, framed, chased and unjustly jailed by Boss Hogg, the sheriff and the deputies.

  • King a good choice in November

    To the editor:
    For me, most of the major TV stations don’t like reporting some of the things that affect most of us, so I watch Fox News and recently learned that a lot of our tax dollars are going out fraudulently to people who basically get away with robbing the actual taxpayers.

  • Not believing in God is ‘ultimate absurdity’

    To the editor:
    First there is absolutely no evidence against the existence of God. While this is a negative argument, nevertheless, evidence for the existence of God can be found in logic and reason with the use of historical events.

  • By any standard, Jesus is real

    To the editor:
    I am writing in response to Jerry Milburn’s guest column last week regarding faith columnist Jess Thompson’s piece titled “Facts non-believers don’t want to read.”
    Mr. Milburn said that Jesus is not a historical person because he is only found in the Bible, which Mr. Milburn considers unreliable.

  • Seeing more clearly without religion

    To the editor:
    The following is in response Jerry Milburn’s guest column in last week’s paper titled “Facts that Christians want to ignore.”
    I believe as Mr. Milburn. I believe that many non-believers know more about the Bible than believers.
    I have had an interest in religion and the truth since I was in college. After my divorce in 2001, I found I had little money and a lot of time on my hands.

  • Thanks for printing Thompson’s column

    To the editor:
    I want to express my thanks and gratitude for you including Jess Thompson as a faith columnist. I do not know him personally, but I like his column and information.
    As a retired Christian minister and evangelist for 50 years full time, I feel in reading his column to know when he is doing what is right. I appreciate his ministry.
    E. Paul Perry

  • Wishing bad things for tractor thief

    To the editor:
    Someone stole my 8N Ford tractor in the past couple of days.
    I’m sure it was a poor man needing money, but I want him to know two things: 1. You stole from a poor man. 2. It was my dad’s tractor that he bought new.
    After he died, I fixed it because it was his. You not only stole it from me, you broke my heart.
    I hope bad things happen to you as you have caused bad things to happen to me.
    Marty Stratton

  • Ramsey family thankful for community

    To the editor:
    We would like to thank everyone in Lawrenceburg and the surrounding communities for all of the support and love that they have shown us since the death of our son, Cody Ramsey.
    We lost Cody on July 1 and it has been incredible how many people have reached out in some way or another to help us, support us, pray for us and just be there is we needed them.
    We especially want to thank the teenagers of our town for being such wonderful friends to our Cody, and to thank them for giving us, his family, so much love and support.

  • Make time for loved ones

    To the editor:
    Were you too busy to take the time to read this letter?
    We all live in a rush and have busy lifestyles these days, but do we really have to live that way?
    We somehow find time for the things we like to do, so why can’t we make time for the loved ones in our lives?
    As we go through life we forget what is important. Then, as we get older, we finally learn the important things, but sometimes it’s too late.