Today's Opinions

  • Letter: Kudos to Chambers, road crew

    To the editor:

    It's been my experience that most people like to complain more than encourage.

    I have lived in Anderson County my entire life; specifically Corinth Road.

    I remember when there were times that we wouldn't see a county road truck for days after a snow. This past Tuesday the county road truck graded and dropped cinders on our road even before daylight.

    When I proceeded to Highway 512 and then to Highway 395, I found both of those roads un-graded.

  • A kinder, gentler Marine Corps?

    The Marines, I uttered under my breath, are turning soft.

    While touring the Marine Corps' recruit training depot last week with educators from across Kentucky and West Virginia, the Air Force veteran in me couldn't help but reflect on my own boot camp experiences while listening to drill instructors describe what they can - and can't - do to train recruits.

    The drill instructors said the days of yelling cuss words at recruits that would make, well, a Marine blush, are long gone.

    Running for miles in the rain and mud? Gone.

  • Oh, my aching gut

    I couldn't help sucking in my gut when the Marine recruiter walked into my office a month or so ago to invite me to boot camp for a week.

    Marines, those rock-ribbed hard-guys with square jawlines, have always had that affect on me.

  • Pouring fuel on the global warming fire

    This week's balmy temperatures have me again pondering global warming.

    Contrarian views apparently being a part of my DNA (and likely a decided insight into my personality), I've decided that rather than following Al Gore into a world free of a carbon footprint, I can better serve humanity by stomping my carbon-covered feet just as hard as I can.

    Yep, I'm all for global warming, man-made or otherwise, and here's why.

  • Our wishes for 2008

    I wish I were 30, 40 or even 50 years old again. On a more practical note, I wish to be able to complete the remaining 1,000 miles of the Appalachian Trail this summer and then be able to find some reasonable employment when I return to the Bluegrass.

    -Jay Cason, staff writer

    In this time of world strife and economic uncertainty, I wish for peace, simplicity of spirit and a greater awareness of love for family and friends.

  • Player ejection article was attack on soccer program

    To the editor:

    I was extremely disappointed with the article in your newspaper regarding the Anderson County Boys Soccer program. ("Anderson sports program at top of state ejection list," Page B1 of the Dec. 19 edition.)

    I considered this article an attack on the program, the team and particularly head coach Brett Morris.

    This was unfair but very typical for this newspaper. I was involved with the program from the beginning of coach Morris' coaching career at Anderson County. He was a welcome alternative from previous coaches.

  • Don't waiver from new school boundaries

    School board member Lee Hahn hit the nail right on the head.

    Speaking during last Monday's board of education meeting, Hahn insisted that, when new lines are drawn to determine where students will be assigned to attend elementary school, the decision is final and no waivers will be granted. Period.

    Let's hope the rest of the board agrees and puts to bed the silly notion held by a handful of parents that each of the three elementary schools are not equally qualified to teach our kids.

  • Grieving for the Rusty we knew, and didn't

    When we joked that Rusty could make a misbehaving computer function properly by standing near it, we weren't necessarily kidding.

    "Rusty magic," I called it. And I just can't believe it's lost forever.

    When Rusty Kiser walked through the doors of The Anderson News more than nine years ago, his long red hair really didn't scream "ultimate technology professional." But it turned out that's exactly what he was.