Today's Opinions

  • Don't waiver from new school boundaries

    School board member Lee Hahn hit the nail right on the head.

    Speaking during last Monday's board of education meeting, Hahn insisted that, when new lines are drawn to determine where students will be assigned to attend elementary school, the decision is final and no waivers will be granted. Period.

    Let's hope the rest of the board agrees and puts to bed the silly notion held by a handful of parents that each of the three elementary schools are not equally qualified to teach our kids.

  • Grieving for the Rusty we knew, and didn't

    When we joked that Rusty could make a misbehaving computer function properly by standing near it, we weren't necessarily kidding.

    "Rusty magic," I called it. And I just can't believe it's lost forever.

    When Rusty Kiser walked through the doors of The Anderson News more than nine years ago, his long red hair really didn't scream "ultimate technology professional." But it turned out that's exactly what he was.

  • Thanks for the Standing Ovation of Anger, I guess

    The standing ovation I received during Monday's forum on proposed changes to Saffell Street Elementary School is appreciated.

    Unfortunately, I don't think it was deserved.

    Last week I called out the small group of parents who oppose mingling Saffell students with those from the other two schools because of their wrong-headed fear that doing so will force their children into schools with "county" kids. In short, children these wrong-minded parents consider to be rednecks.

  • Changing Saffell school makes fiscal, common sense

    The only people who like change, it has been said, are babies with wet diapers.

    Such is the case with proposed changes to the Anderson County school system, as some parents and teachers are crying foul over the board of education's proposal to do what's right for all at the expense of a few and alleviate overcrowding at the middle school.

    The only viable of two options is to convert Saffell Street Elementary School into a fifth- and sixth-grade campus and spread students in grades one through four to the two remaining elementary schools.

  • Thanks for sharing Gregory with us

    Gregory Harp Jr. is gone, but his memory will live forever among those who did what they could to help him recover from a devastating accident last summer that shattered his face.

    It's a rare person these days who can so capture the heart of a community. As we conduct our busy lives, the pain and misery of those around us rarely makes a blip on our collective radar screens. That wasnt the case of Gregory, who shared only a small fragment of his life with Anderson Countians but whose circumstances brought us closer together.

  • No venison, but hunt was a success

    The coyote began to howl and I knew yet another morning hunt was shot to heck and back.

    After an exciting Saturday afternoon during which my 11-year-old son saw, shot at and missed his first deer, and my 7-year-old observed (and subsequently scared away) a buck chase a doe through the woods, we were primed for Sunday morning and the promise of finally putting some venison in the freezer.

  • Thanksgiving leftovers

    Welcome to the holiday season, the craziness has begun.

    Traffic jams, maniac shoppers, frayed nerves and rude behavior will soon become commonplace during what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

    The key to enjoying the holidays is patience and forgiveness. Forgive those who dont drive well, who cut in line and give you dirty looks. Be patient with those who live in their own world and have no consideration of others. Try not to allow the nitwits to ruin your holiday.

  • Older, but not so wiser

    If one of my mentors was correct when he repeatedly opined, "When a person stops learning, he starts dying," I don't need to worry about my preordained encounter with the Grim Reaper anytime soon.

    At almost 62, I'm still learning valuable new lessons. Unfortunately, much of the recent lessons-learned might be easily categorized "Should Have Known Better."