•  Column as I see ’em …

  •  The 2018 regular session of the General Assembly came to a close Saturday evening. This year’s session was unlike any of the previous three that I have been a part of.

  •  Clover mites are accidental invaders that can be a temporary nuisance during early spring.

  •  If April showers bring May flowers, we should be as colorful as Holland next month. I have a long list of indoor chores, but I don’t wanna.

  •  Editor’s note: Connor Duncan is a 2016 graduate of Anderson County High School attending Montreat College in North Carolina. He wrote the following article for a history class assignment about Civil War monuments. It is reprinted here with his permission.

  •  Column as I see ’em …

  •  Column as I see ’em …

  •  “Vote No,” “A Pension is a Promise,” and “Find Funding First” were common chants by school and public employees (retired and active) that echoed through the Capitol this week.

  •  Last week in Frankfort many important issues advanced. With the budget passed and awaiting Senate approval, the House turned our attention to the road plan.

  •  This week all across our nation, individuals and communities will honor our veterans.

  •  The day the Houston Astros won this year’s seventh and final World Series game several hundred progressives gathered at the Capitol in Frankfort to protest Gov. Matt Bevin’s pension-reform plan, claiming inadequate funding and lack of appreciation.

  •  After several weeks of anticipation, Gov. Bevin along with Speaker Hoover and Senate President Stivers released an outline of proposed pension reform legislation last week. 

  • Summer has arrived and the 2017 regular aession has become a distant memory, remaining, for the most part, only in yellowed newspaper clippings and history books.

    However, a new notation concerning the last session was made June 29 as the new and amended statutes went into effect. Unless a bill was declared an emergency or contained a special effective date, it became law on June 29.

  • Mother Nature is never boring. Recent rains brought a total of 4.2 inches to the farm, along with beach balls, tarps and building materials, via the creek.

    They took away about 30 tomato plants, half the beans and all the squash. Well, technically the flooding that resulted from the rains took them, along with two new hoses.

  • As we move into the summer, keep in mind that hot and dry conditions can lead to some specific pest problems.

    Two-spotted spider mite is a common pest of many vegetable crops during prolonged hot and dry periods.

    This pest rapidly builds up in numbers during these conditions, and some pesticides used to control insect pests may reduce natural enemies that help to keep populations below economic levels.

  • The flavors of summer are here. Asparagus is on sale, fruit is delicious, the farmers markets are open. There are plenty of places to go in Lawrenceburg for farm-fresh produce. Check out the old train depot on 127, they are chock full. This week’s weather is perfect for grilling and chilling and I have the perfect recipes for you.

    Charred citrus asparagus

    1 1/2 lbs. fresh asparagus, trimmed

    2 Tablespoons skin-on almonds

    4 cloves of garlic, chopped

    1 sprig oregano

    1 teaspoon grated lemon zest

  • From The Western Recorder

    FLORENCE — Princeton newspaper publisher Chip Hutcheson is the 2016 recipient of the Integrity Award for Coverage of Faith Issues, an honor bestowed by the Kentucky Baptist Convention.
    KBC Executive Director Paul Chitwood awarded the prize to Hutcheson during the annual meeting of Kentucky Baptists at Florence Baptist Church in Florence.

  • By Jim Waters

  • The 2017 Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference will have something of interest for all fruit and vegetable producers. The event runs from 8 a.m. EST Jan. 9 until 5 p.m. Jan. 10 at Lexington’s Embassy Suites Hotel.

    Preconference activities on Jan. 8 will include tree fruit, small fruit and vegetable roundtable discussions as well as a plasticulture strawberry short course.

  • I have fallen down on the job and for that I apologize. Life got a little hectic with getting my new wheels, visiting family and doing all those other holiday things packed in with regular life. As we send this year packin', we should reflect on all the lessons learned.

       I learned to be prepared for anything, from droughts and floods to floating beds and hungry critters in between. I learned that time speeds up with accumulating years and that it's the people in our lives that make it worth living.