• Band’s key to victory? Work, and plenty of it

     When it comes to music, make mine country. Real country.

  • Bearcats show peaks and valleys in 24 hours

    Frozen notes …

    It took just a little over 24 hours but in that short amount of time we saw both extremes of Anderson County basketball – boys’ version – in 2016.

    Friday night, the Bearcats put on a basketball clinic for 24 minutes as they whipped Shelby County, 64-49. For 24 glorious minutes, it was unquestionably the best I had seen Anderson play in the 2015-16 season.

    Few would disagree.

    After a slow first quarter, Anderson played like a champion over the final three periods.

  • Inconsistency, injuries plagued Bearcat season

    As he reflected on the 2015 football season, Mark Peach’s visible emotions last week were much like the season the Bearcats had just finished a few days before.

    There were some highs in his mind.

    “Gunnar Gillis. I was pleased with him! He had 17 touchdown passes as a sophomore,” Peach said.

    And there were the lows.

    “Gunnar had 13 interceptions. That is something we will have to work on,” Peach said.

    Or he could reflect on a rousing season opener and a terrific close to the campaign.

  • A magic wand for a better sports world

    There are so many times when I just wish I had a magic wand and could make everything right in our world.

    It makes no difference what the issue is, I could change it.

    Since this IS the sports page, I guess I will stick to that category today. And since my two biggest wishes are for the Kentucky Wildcats to go 40-0 and my beloved Cincinnati Reds win the World Series.

    Every year. But I digress.

    There are four things I would do with high school sports that are doable and would improve the games. 

  • Lessons from Little League

    There can’t be too many days better than Opening Day.

    And when you add the words Little League to that title it’s even better.

    As I snapped pictures and chatted with a few of the people attending Saturday’s ceremony, I could not help but think back to the day when my own Little League coach came to me and said, “Get a catcher’s mitt. We want to try you back there.”

  • Cal shows he gets it at UK

    Yep, John Calipari gets it.

    Like there was ever any doubt?

    Think about it. The guy showed he at least had some idea of what Kentucky basketball was about the day he was introduced as Wildcat coach three years ago. Less than 30 seconds into that press conference, he mentioned Bill Keightley.

    Later that day, he talked about imitating Kyle Macy and Joe B. Hall and just about every other Big Blue big name. '

  • My bracket do's and dont's

    Now that you have had the chance to settle down, throw a brick or two at your TV over Kentucky’s four-seed, and Louisville’s four-seed for that matter, it’s time to get your bracket out, fill it out and then utter, “My bracket is already shot” before Thursday’s games are over.

    Over the years I have won a few of these babies and I have thrown mine out after the first weekend, too. There are some trends I have noticed, so here is The Herndon Official List of Do’s and Don’ts in filling your bracket.

  • Legacy of 2011 team will go beyond wins and losses

    When I started thinking about the way the 2011 Anderson County boys' basketball team would be remembered, the litany of anything, everything that could go wrong crossed my mind.

  • Friday's big, but next week is coming

    It is the rivalry that has evolved into, well to be brutally honest, something less.

    Ok, Ok. Before you want to check my sanity when I make such a statement about Anderson County and Franklin County, hear me out.

    It’s still big, but no longer rates somewhere between Ultimate Smackdown and Armageddon.

  • Swank gets no pay, but his calls of Anderson games are rich

    It is not exactly the same road Dick Vitale or Bill Raftery took to basketball stardom, but Steve Swank is doing just fine in Internet radio.

     A long-time coach, Swank took over the play-by-play duties for Bearcat and Lady Bearcat basketballjust before the current season started. A novice in his first gig behind the microphone, Swank proved to be a quick learner and got started when the Bearcats hosted Collins on Jan. 7.