• COLUMN: Only three weeks remain?

    Only three weeks remain?

    Three weeks left in the high school basketball season?

    Of course that depends on how long a team will be playing when everything gets down to the nitty-gritty in tournament time and the pretenders are separated from the contenders. Still, it has been a year that has gone by too fast.

    It seems like just a few days ago that I got an e-mail discussing girls' basketball in which the writer said, “I bet you are having a good time watching that Anderson girls' team, haven't you?”

  • What a night!

    Each person had a slightly different story.

    It cold have been Anita Waldridge, the first great girls' basketball player at Western High School, thinking of the proud little school located about 15 miles west of Lawrenceburg. From 1975-77, Waldridge was an honorable mention all-state selection three times. Her team was one of the better ones in the Eighth Region.

    But she never played beyond the district tournament. “Anderson was so good,” she remembered.

  • Spinning real life lessons

    As I sat in the KFC Yum! Center Sunday night, I was in awe of my surroundings.

    And I am not talking about all the bells and whistles of Louisville’s downtown arena. It’s nice, no question, and has every toy an arena could want and then some. But, to someone who would be as happy in a Ford Escort as a Mercedes, it was far from the main story of the evening.

    Instead, there were chuckles. There were smiling children. And there were adults laughing uncontrollably at Big Easy Lofton, Bull Bullard and Firefly Fisher.

  • No surprise at Bearcats' start

    This time, the answer seemed to surprise the questioner.

    As we concluded an interview in the locker room at Lexington’s Sayre High School, Glen Drury turned the tables on the only local media member around.

    “Does it surprise you that we are .500 right now?” Drury asked.
    “Nope,” I replied. “Not at all.”

    Drury has won over 400 games and has seen a ton of the unexpected on the basketball court, but he seemed genuinely surprised that one who has seen probably more games he has coached, outside of his family and trusted friends Jimmy Young and Wayne Wilder, would make that statement.

  • To a football fan, Anderson's band is tops

    If there is a better high school band at football games than Anderson County's has been the last few years, I would like to see it.

  • COLUMN: Waggener’s last visit was special

    Eleven years really isn’t that long. It was in 1999 that The Nanny was heading off into the sunset, Toy Story 2 was a hit movie and Bill Clinton was getting ready for his last year in office.
    The Cincinnati Reds were good, but Dusty Baker was managing San Francisco to an 86-76 record.
    And Anderson County was buzzing about the start of the football season against Louisville Waggener.
    As in Big, Bad Waggener, the state powerhouse.
    Obviously, in sports, 11 years is longer than eternity.

  • COLUMN: Heads up!

    The coin came up heads and that was all Anderson County needed.