• Donations to improve farming research

    During its last meeting, The Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors voted to donate more than $1 million in incentives toward the facility’s new Grain and Forage Center of Excellence.

    The funds will be divided between two specific projects, with $500,000 spent over a five-year period for the naming rights of the main entrance, and the remaining $500,000 paid over a five-year period that will support statewide water recourses targeted specifically to enhance water management as part of ongoing research.

  • Daylily farm will open to public

    Daylily World, a local farm that holds the title of winning more medals and awards than any other in the history of the Daylily Society, calls Lawrenceburg home.

    From June 27 through July 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the farm will be open to the public for all who wish to come and order or possibly dig up their very own daylily.

    “People can come this year and there will be a lot more that are far less expensive,” said David Kirchhoff, who owns Daylily World along with his partner Mort Morss.

  • Proper shotgun fundamentals critical to wingshooting success

    By Lee McClellan

    Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

    A dove comes into your section of the field on opening day. You crouch behind a row of sunflowers and excitedly wait for the dove to come into range.

    The dove keeps coming and you jump up, shoulder your shotgun and fire, followed by another shot and then another, none of them threatening the bird. The dove keeps flying out of the field.

  • February the month to catch walleye and sauger from the bank

    By Lee McClellan

    Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

    Many anglers would drive a few hundred miles for a chance to catch an 8-pound walleye or a limit of tasty sauger. Kentuckians only have to drive to Campbellsville and head south on KY 55 to the Tailwater Recreation Area below Green River Lake. You don’t even need a boat.

  • Tinsley to mount state record bull elk

    Justin Tinsley is about to do something no other taxidermist has done: mount the largest bull elk ever legally harvested in Kentucky.

    Tinsley, owner of Central Kentucky Taxidermy in Lawrenceburg, is no stranger to creating incredibly lifelike mounts that range from whitetail deer harvested locally to more exotic creatures, such as zebra. In his shop that doubles as a man cave of epic proportions — highlights include a full-sized pool table — sits a shoulder mount of an all-white Texas longhorn.

  • Bear quota hunt with dogs season to continue two days

    By Mark Marraccini

    Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

    Bear hunters in Kentucky will have the opportunity again in December to harvest a bear using dogs.

    The bear quota hunt with dogs season is a split season. Initially open for two days in November, the season continues for two days in December if the quota has not been met.

    The quota of five bears was not met during the November hunt; only two were harvested.

  • Little Boy, Big Buck

    Some hunters toil for decades trying to harvest the buck of a lifetime.

    It didn’t take nearly that long for 8-year-old Clayton Shouse who, in only his second year of hunting, bagged a monster buck that easily outdistanced the firearm competition in Saturday’s big buck contest, sponsored by Full Draw Archery, Central Kentucky Taxidermy and The Anderson News.

    The buck had an impressive gross score of 160 4/8, and a net score of 156 3/8 when scored Saturday afternoon at Full Draw Archery on U.S. 127.

  • Five things to consider for reservoir smallmouth bass season

    By Lee McClellan

    Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

    The recent spate of rainy and somewhat dismal days sends many minds toward the grim reality that winter is here to stay.

    Sunless, dreary days with bouts of rain in December, January and February give most people the blues. However, desolate winter days bring joy to the heart of a reservoir smallmouth bass angler. These are the days to catch the big ones.

  • Deer season off to hot start

    By Kevin Kelly

    Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources

    Cold air poured into Kentucky over the past weekend and dropped overnight low temperatures below freezing across much of the state.

    The cool down didn’t cool off the deer hunting. It’s been hot since early September.

  • Anderson County Youth Hunt 2015