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Using racially charged language

Is it wrong to use racially charged words, regardless of your race? Should comedians of any color be allowed to drop the N word or promote gross generalizations about races, including their own, in the name of humor or is this a form of sanctioned racism?

Reply to: “Helping disgruntled readers avoid God’s wrath”


JT writes: “There is a God, the one and only true God, and creator of all things.
God is very much a loving and merciful God to his people. He is also a God of wrath and great judgment to those who chose not to accept him and follow his word.”… “Ezekiel 5: 7-9 tells us: “I am about to pour out my wrath on you and spend my anger against you. I will judge you according to your conduct and repay you for all your detestable practices.”

Food Stamps


Dear Kentucky Residents,

This is a poor state with a government that has policies in place to give excuse to steal from the poor. I am one person and the following has happened to me, multiply that by all of you in this state.

State taxes: we are being nickel and dimed out of our money. When you pay taxes out of your paycheck you expect to get back all that is owed you, right. But you don’t because there are those zeros in the cents column, including your ‘owed’ line. If any cents are owed you they keep it. Multiply that for the entire state.

Happy New Year



You: “Do you believe in evolution?”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: “But you are a Christian…you believe in creation.”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: “What? So you believe in both.”

Me: “Absolutely.”

You: “Nonsense; you can not believe in both. You can not have creation and evolution at the same time.

Me: Smiles, a look of adventurous joy with a hint of pity.

Healing Field flag thefts


 “Healing Field flag thefts continue”

“Rice said the latest the fact that yet another theft has occurred is “very disturbing,””
“Chandler said…that he can’t understand why anyone would resort to stealing flags.”
“Hellard agreed, saying she also can’t understand the thefts.”

With all the homeless animals why print a story like this

With all the animals that come into surrounding shelters why would anyone want to breed their animal? You WILL not get one just like it. I have a mother cat and her kids one female one male and they are nothing like her nor are the siblings like each other. No I did not breed them I foster cats and dogs. We have had I could not tell you how many purebreds go through shelters and even have to be put to sleep cause no one wants them. I think this story should never have appeared on The Anderson News Advertizer.

I have a story to tell

I have a story to tell. One day an innocent child with a little pain in the hip went to the nice sheep couple to get help. We can fix that little hitch in your gitalong. And look at this long list of other glitches causing harm we can fix, also. Just give us a fifth of your every paycheck for a whole year and you will be good as new.

Puppy Torturer article not allowing comments - why?


I read the online story about the puppy torturer, but when I tried to comment it said that the comment period was closed for that article. Why is it so difficult on this website to voice an opinion? When the website wasn't very good (prior to the last two changes), it was at least interactive.

Drugs in Anderson County

Recently, the Anderson County Sheriff's Office busted six people on drug-related charges. Do you think there is a drug problem in Anderson County?

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